WANTED…Vintage Charmers

Hey there everyone!  For months now I have had buyers just waiting for the perfect home to come on the market for the perfect price.  Now I know what you’re thinking.  What exactly is a “Vintage Charmer” and what is the perfect price?

Let’s put price into perspective.  Right now in Arrowhead Woods and Crest Estates/Skyforest our average home is going somewhere between $175-$195 a sqft.  Now that can vary depending on updates needed, square footage of the home, location and the accessibility to the house, and a few other criteria too.  Of course most people come to me and say, Michelle, “I would like a lake view, level entry with a 2 car garage and a master on the main.”  I then flutter my magic wand and viola!  HA, no not really, but lord if I could only make that happen… oh and for under $350k.

Now for the explanation of “Vintage Charmer!”  This can really be a pretty broad topic, but when I think charmer, I  am looking at something built pre 1950.  Now some of the 50-70’s homes are pretty charming too, but a lot of the criteria depends on the area.  If you know the mountain well and are familiar with streets and areas such as, Cottage Grove, the “Lanes,” Holiday and areas behind the village… that is where most of these “Vintage” homes are located.  You are probably one of those homes with the old snow shoes, or skis on the wall.

So back to the topic… “WANTED, VINTAGE CHARMERS!”  I am dead serious everyone.  If you have a house, or know someone that does and it has just been sitting not being used, then lets try to sell it.  Maybe it is time to let that home go.  Pass it along to a new family.  Let someone else make years and years of Lake Arrowhead memories.  Most buyers are right around $350k and under, and there is a good chance you fit that criteria.

So what are you waiting for?  Get on the phone and call me today so that I can come over tomorrow and give you a market analysis on your home.  Lets see what your charmer has that the other guys doesn’t.

Here are 2 pictures (below) of a recent sale I had this last year on Cottage Grove.  This is a “Vintage Charmer.” Home Sold for $250k, $185 a sqft.  Find me 10 more like this please!

001_888 Cottage Grove005_Living Room

Email or call me at: michelle@michellecalkinsrealtor.com or 909-336-7989

I look forward to meeting you soon.  See you around town!

Lake Arrowhead Summer Concerts May 27-30, 2016

75df21_892fde9cc9e84269b8ead273c9ee99bb_png_srz_p_612_366_75_22_0_50_1_20_0transparentIt’s Memorial Day Weekend and this weekend playing on the Center Stage in the Lake Arrowhead Village is:

Friday 5/27: NO DUH Tribute to No Doubt

Saturday 5/28: FAN HALEN


Monday 5/30: The Dudes w/ Vicki Goodlick

(Afternoon concert from 2-4)


Be safe and have fun!

For more info, visit:http://www.thelakearrowheadvillage.com/#!2016-concert-series-1/apups

See you there!

Do you know where your Master Water Shut-off-Valve is?

Ah the sweet change of seasons in Lake Arrowhead. Winter is here and everyone is throwing on their Uggs, down jackets and beanies… and then it hits you… “are my pipes going to freeze in my mountain home?”  BUT what about your WATER-SHUT-OFF VALVES???  Do you know where yours is???

Ice Sculpture
*Picture provided from LACSD website

So basically around this time of year when the temperatures drop to near freezing or below, everyone panics and starts to worry about “Freezing Pipes.”  THIS PARTICULAR BOLG IS TO BRING AWARNESS.  Do you know where your master “Water Shut-Off-Valve” is? This is valuable even when it is not Winter.

Every home is different so it is extremely important that you know the location and function of your master shut-off-valve.  This is not the one at the street that the water company controls, this is the one that should be located near where the main water lines comes into your house.

Here are a few pictures of what yours may look like:

Here is some more info on Water Turn Off and Winterization from LACSD :(http://www.lakearrowheadcsd.com/customers-2/how-to/how-to-turn-off-water/)(http://www.lakearrowheadcsd.com/conservation-2/winterizingcsov/)

How to Turn Off Water

If you have a leak and need to turn off the water to your house, follow these steps:

  1. Locate your master shut off valve (which is usually where the water line comes into the house or near the water heater) or your customer shut off valve (which is in a separate meter box approximately 2 feet from the District’s meter box). If you do not have a customer shut off valve, you may consider installing one as it is best to turn off your water as close to the meter as possible.
  2. Depending on the type of valve, turn it clockwise until tight or rotate the handle so that it is perpendicular to the pipe.


DISCONNECT AND DRAIN ALL OUTDOOR HOSES – Detaching hoses from outdoor faucets allows water to drain from the pipe.

INSULATE PIPES OR FAUCETS IN UNHEATED AREAS – If you have pipelines in an unheated garage or cold crawl space under the house, wrap the water pipes before temperatures plummet.

SEAL OFF ACCESS DOORS, AIR VENTS AND CRACKS – Winter winds whistling through overlooked openings can quickly freeze exposed water pipes. Just don’t plug air vents your furnace or water heater need for proper ventilation.

FIND THE MASTER SHUTOFF – In case of a leak, everyone in the family needs to know where it is and what it does. It’s usually where the water line comes into your house from the street.

WINTERIZE A VACANT HOME – Before vacating your home for the winter be sure to shut off water to your house using the master shutoff or customer shut off valve. Then open and drain ALL household and irrigation lines. Any trapped water can freeze causing pipes to expand and break. Once all the lines have been drained it is important to close all household and irrigation lines again before leaving your home.

Keep in mind that maintaining low heat in your home does not ensure your pipes will not freeze. This is especially true if you are not a permanent resident. However, taking the precautions mentioned above before the cold weather sets in could save you the headaches and expense of frozen or broken pipes this winter.

Vacation Home Owners— TURN OFF YOUR WATER
Don’t let this happen to you!

Have a fun and safe winter and make sure you know where your Master Shut-off-Valve is!

See you around town!

Pines and Roses Are Not All You Will Find at This Diamond in the Rough

Pack your bags right now, because after you read this blog you will want to book your stay at the fabulous Arrowhead Pine Rose Cabins.  If you are looking for the perfect mountain escape yet close to the city (or hundreds of miles away depending on where you’re coming from) for 1, 2, 3 or the whole family… then this is the place for you.

LH7A0501 (1280x853)

Located at 25994 Hwy 189 in Twin Peaks, CA 92391.  Only one hour and 30 minutes from most major Southern California cities.

LH7A0512 (862x1280)

I seriously cannot get enough of Pine Rose after my private tour with Marketing Director Jamie Ferguson.  I’m literally drooling still from all that they have to offer.  I snuck back in (not really) on a Monday night to snap a ton of photos during sunset.  WOW, I should have brought a picnic and stayed because I fell even more in love.

LH7A0435 (1280x853)

Take a look at all some of the details they have throughout the grounds…

LH7A0507 (853x1280) LH7A0504 (1280x853) LH7A0482 (853x1280) LH7A0478 (1280x853) LH7A0474 (1280x853)

They still use “REAL” keys!

LH7A0049 (1085x1280)

Below is the lobby, you can buy all sort of souvenirs, snacks and bundles of wood here.  Also check out the life size checkerboard and kid play area!

LH7A0058 (1280x853) LH7A0057 (1280x853) LH7A0039 (1280x853) LH7A0440 (1280x853) LH7A0438 (1280x853)

Now for a little more details…

I have been to a few weddings at this venue, and like any other Arrowhead local I jump in my car and head home after the party.  What I did not know is how incredibly wonderful the entire grounds were.  I should have booked a cabin here years ago.

As I took the tour and walked the grounds I was in such awe of all that Pine Rose has to offer.  There are 20 cabins that sit on 6 acres, 2 of which are off site.  You can book everything from a studio for as low as $79 up to a lodge that sleep 20 for $599.  There is something for everyone, including large parties or Romantic getaways.

Lets take it back a bit… Arrowhead Pine Rose cabins began in the early 1900’s and is located in Twin Peaks California, back then it was known as “Strawberry Flats.”  In 1948 Fred and Helen Dowd negotiated a deal with the Forest Service and bought the “Arrowhead Resort. ”  In the 1960’s they expanded the land and for many years hosted guest from all over the world until 1993 when the now owners David and Tricia Dufour bought the property.  To read more about the history of “Arrowhead Road Resort” click HERE.

Today, present time, we are 22 years later in 2015 and David and Tricia have poured their heart and soul into making Pine Rose what it is today.  The grounds are constantly being updated and improved, and more and more guest book and stay here everyday.

  Here are some great tips and facts bout Pine Rose:  They are pet friendly, so don’t forget to bring your fur-babies. Eighteen of the cabins have fireplaces, each cabin has WiFI, smart TV’s and there is even over 500 movies to choose from.  Don’t forget your bathing suit because there is a pool and jet spa privately placed behind the front desk lodge.  The pool was constructed in the 1980’s and features an arrowhead shaped jacuzzi… (I’m dying with awesomeness overload, check out the pictures below). There is even a Fire Pit and BBQ area!

LH7A0488 (955x1280) LH7A0486 (1280x853) LH7A0495 (1280x853) LH7A0497 (1280x853)

  The burning question is… What do the cabins look like?  My answer, exactly how you would expect a mountain cabin to look like… rustic, authentic and cabiny!  And yes, they all come with a kitchen.

LH7A0451 (1280x853) LH7A0450 (1280x853) LH7A0449 (1280x853) LH7A0445 (1280x853) LH7A0442 (1280x853) LH7A0037 (1280x853) LH7A0033 (1280x853) LH7A0032 (1280x853) LH7A0031 (1280x853) LH7A0029 (1280x853) LH7A0034 (1280x853)LH7A0035 (1280x853)

Now lets talk weddings!  Thats right, they do weddings too.  Pine Rose started doing weddings in 2007 after they spruced up a portion of the grounds and added a Koi pond for their daughters wedding.  Little did they know that they created the perfect mountain wedding destination.  They are now booking out to 2017 and already have 40 weddings booked for 2016.  If you have thought about having your wedding in the mountain, this is the perfect place; you had better get on the phone and talk to one of their wedding planners today. First finish reading this blog of course ;-).

Below you will see the smaller wedding site, I could not get pictures of the large site because it was booked.  You can find pictures on their website.  BUT that KOI POND… You really must see it in person to appreciate how incredibly beautiful it is.

LH7A0456 (1280x845) LH7A0458 (1280x853) LH7A0460 (1280x853) LH7A0466 (1280x853) LH7A0467 (1280x853)

Here are a few other fun pics I snapped. This is Jamie and Cindy, you can find one of them helping you out on your visit, and then there is Jamie and I taking advantage of the “Photo Op” out front of the front desk/lodge.  Of course I could not resist!

LH7A0055 (1280x853) LH7A0046 (853x1280) LH7A0044 (853x1280)

Jamie, you are a sport!  Thank you so much for the tour and for all that you do for Pine Rose.  It has been a pleasure getting to know you, I know we will have many other fun mountain adventures!

You can find our more about Arrowhead Pine Rose Cabins, including Reservations, Weddings and more on their website at http://www.pinerose.com.

Don’t forget to follow Pine Rose on their social media sites:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pinerosecabins?fref=ts
Weddings: http://www.facebook.com/weddingsatpinerose

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/PineRoseResort

Instagram: @1pinerose and @weddingatpinerose

Twitter: @Pinerosecabins and @pinerosewedding

As always, it is a pleasure sharing the mountain with you.  I hope that you can come and enjoy Lake Arrowhead as much as I do.  If you happen to book a stay with Pine Rose after reading this blog, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @michellecalkinsrealtor or #MichelleCalkinsRealtor so that I can see how much fun you are having.

Pictures were taken by yours truly, Michelle Calkins.  See you around town!

Lake Arrowhead Summer Concerts | MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND | May 22-25, 2015

75df21_892fde9cc9e84269b8ead273c9ee99bb_png_srz_p_612_366_75_22_0_50_1_20_0This weekend playing on the Center Stage in the Lake Arrowhead Village is:

Friday 5/22: Lights (A Journey Tribute)


Saturday 5/23: The Spazmatics


Sunday 5/24: Playback (60’s, 70’s, & 80’s)

Monday: 5/25: NEW! Memorial Day Observance at Noon

                 Strangelove – Tribute to Depeche Mode concert 1-3pm


Be safe and have fun!

For more info, visit: http://www.thelakearrowheadvillage.com/#!events/c1df4

See you there!

Easter in Lake Arrowhead 2015

Selfies with the Easter Bunny and Brunch at San Moritz… So many fun things to do this year for Easter.


What are you doing on Saturday April 4th?  Don’t miss this event, held in the Lake Arrowhead Village:

Easter Egg Hunt & Free Selfies with the Easter Bunny!

Saturday, April 4th


12:30pm 0-2 years on grass in front of Bass

12:45pm 3-5 years on grass at Center Stage

1:00pm 6-7 years on grass at Center Stage

1:15pm 8-10 years on peninsula playground by Lollipop Park

Noon – 4pm Take Selfies with the Easter Bunny! Magician! Mr. Whistner the Balloon Man!

 Sunrise Service:4660574

 A sunrise service sponsored by various mountain churches will take place at the Lake Arrowhead Resort Hotel Beach at 6:15am.

AND for Easter Brunch don’t forget about San Moritz Lodge:


Why Families Are Lining Up For
Easter Brunch At San Moritz Lodge


Treat your culinary taste buds to Easter Brunch at the Beautiful and Historic San Moritz Lodge

Bring the whole family! Enjoy hand-selected menu choices prepared by our Executive Chef Carey Thomas and Sous Chef, Teri Martinez. Taste the delicious Brown Sugar & Mustard Glazed Ham with Pineapple-Ginger Sauce and try to pick a favorite at the Pastry Chef’s Dessert Display

(With so many options you’ll keep coming back for more! Click HERE to see the full Brunch Menu)

The Easter Bunny will visit tables on the hour to present Easter eggs to children, and on the half hour he will award a prize to the guest wearing the best Easter Bonnet!

Once you’re satisfied with brunch, take a leisurely stroll to the waters edge along Lake Gregory’s walking path and delight in the beautiful spring flowers that will be in full bloom. There’s so much the whole family can enjoy together this Easter Sunday.

Breath in the fresh crisp air,
let it revitalize your senses and fill up your soul. 

Easter Brunch at the San Moritz Lodge is sure to be a new family tradition. Space is limited (150 guests per seating) and we recommend making reservations early before we’re sold out!

Making reservations is easy, just click HERE

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday, “See you around town!”

2nd Annual Skyforest Festival | Sunday May 24, 2015

Skyforest has been one of my Hot Topics lately.  If you have not paid a visit to that little town to see all that is going on, then you are missing out, trust me.  The food, the shops, and the whole vibe is causing waves of good gossip, especially the talk of Sky Park, opening up later this year!
If you follow me on Instagram, FB or Twitter, then you know I’m always raving about Lou Eddies, and now my new favorite, The Hungry Bear Deli (blog to come soon)!  I have many blogs in the works about Skyforest, so keep an eye out for them.
Any-who, the reason for this blog…  Check out the Skyforest Festival in May.  Last year they were blown away with how many people attended.  I have heard that they are expecting even more this year.  So mark your calendar because you won’t want to miss it!
Sunday May 24, 2015 – 12PM  to 5 PM
Food – Brew – Fun – Shop – Entertainment
You won’t want to miss out on the FUN!
For more info, contact any of the local chops in Skyforest for details.  I will provide more as the event draws closer.
Also they are looking for merchants and restaurants who will want to join, if that is you, here is the contact info below:
Skyforest merchants and restaurants are hoping you will join us again!  We are looking for artists, organizations and vendors with unique finds.
We are requesting a donation of $40 from those wishing  to participate.
Sponsorships to cover printing, CHP and more also needed.
Contact Diane Brown at dbrown92@hotmail.com
I hope to see you there!  Until then, “See you around town!”

Buck Energy is giving away a FIVE DOLLAR Wood Burnign Stove

Buck Energy has donated a Wood Burning Stove to The Lake Arrowhead Chamber of Commerce to benefit the Chambers efforts towards future marketing of Chamber Members.  This awesome Napoleon wood burning stove will keep you warm all winter long and it could be yours for only $5… FIVE BUCKS, this stove alone has a value of $2900!!!  For more info on who Buck Energy is, click the link here: http://buckenergy.com

Read the flyer below to find out more about the opportunity drawing.  If you are in need of a wood burning stove or know someone who is, then contact the Chamber office today and get your tickets!


Here is the link to Napoleon Fireplaces, you can find more info on the model that is being donated on that site.


Here is a picture of the stove that is being donated.  The door is not exact, but you could have this look.


*Installation not included