6th Annual Lake Arrowhead BREWFEST | Aug 8th, 2015

Have you bought your tickets yet to the best event in Lake Arrowhead?  Okay well it is really one of many of my favorite events but this one I literally talk about all year long!  It’s no secret, or at least it’s not now, that I am a craft beer lovin kind of girl.  Maybe you have seen my hashtag, #ThisRealtorDrinksBeer!

If you have not bought your ticket, stop right now and visit this website to purchase your ticket: LakeArrowheadBrewfest or click the Admit One ticket below!


Date and time are as follows as well as admission fees.

August 8, 2015: 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Blue Jay Village Parking Lot – 27264 Rte 189, Blue Jay, CA 92317
General Admission: $35 Online ($40 at the door)
Designated Driver: $15

Cost includes: Admission, unlimited tasters and a souvenir glass to the first 1000 guests.
*Designated driver ticket includes entry, glass and free soft drinks.

In typical Craft Beer fashion your taste buds will be delighted with 17 breweries to taste from and Over 75 craft beers will be offered for sampling.  Food vendors and live music will also be part of the Brewfest.

  • Ritual Brewing
  • Stone Brewing
  • Big Bear Mountain Brewery
  • Hangar 24 Brewery
  • Dale Bros Brewery
  • Firestone
  • Brew Rebellion
  • Skyland Ale Works
  • Strand Brewing
  • Pure Order Brewing
  • Knee Deep Brewing
  • Karl Strauss Brewing
  • Mountain Brew Club
  • Bear Valley Homebrew Club
  • Maltose Falcons
  • Djinn’s HellaBrew – Andy Divoff, Celebrity Guest Brewer

“A few things to read from the website, below.”

Food Drive

Be sure to visit this year’s VIP table to support local food bank, Operation Provider. You will be able to taste one of a kind beers not available anywhere else at the event. All you need is to donate a food item or a cash donation of any amount at the Operation Provider booth.

Special Guest


This year we have a special guest, actor Andy Divoff. Divoff has played many villains in film and on television, usually drug cartel leaders, and is best known for having played the nefarious Djinn in the first two films of the Wishmaster series. His other films include Another 48 Hrs.The Hunt for Red OctoberAir Force One and Toy Soldiers. Some of Divoff’s television guest appearances include The A-TeamJAG and Highlander: The Series and Lost.

I have made my living as an actor for the last 30 years. I’ve been a full-time resident of Lake Arrowhead for 25 of those years. I have followed the good examples of community support so prevalent in my industry, including those of Ernie Hudson and Vincent Spanno. I have had good fortune in my own career and want to show my appreciation by giving back. One year ago this June I embarked on the idea of using a craft brew recipe idea to help raise money for charity. The first ever batch was brewed in Denver, CO by master brewer Adam Draeger, based on my fondness for Belgian Strong Golden Ales. As a nod to the “Djinn” a mythological character I brought to life on screen, I wanted to include Habanero peppers and Persian Lime to give my recipe a specific personality. My first ever pour of the Djinn’s HellaBrew took place last October in Boston where I was able to raise $1400.00 for 3 charities, The Smile Train, The Pat Brody Cat Shelter, and The Dave Brockie Fund. I am very proud to be a part of helping raise money for our very own local organization Operation Provider.

Here are some pictures from 2014’s event.  Pictures are provided by yours truly, Michelle Calkins.  If you see me this year, I will be the girl with the camera, come say hi and let me snap a picture of you enjoying the festivities!

IMG_9533 IMG_9778 IMG_9751 IMG_9731 IMG_9715 IMG_9706 IMG_9670 IMG_9664 IMG_9645 IMG_9638 IMG_9619 IMG_9604 IMG_9597 IMG_9516 IMG_9515 IMG_9514

 As always, HAVE FUN, BE HOPPY, and BE SAFE!  This event is one of a kind and helps support the local community, Proceeds help the chamber and Blue Jay Business Association promote local business and tourism.

See you around town and see you at Brewfest!


Le Grand Picnic 2015 | Lake Arrohwead | Mountains Community Hospital

It is that time of year again where we gather good food good people and a good cause at Mountains Community Hospital!


Here is a blurb from the website on where this years funds that are raised will be going: http://www.mchcares.com/foundation/events/

“The annual Le Grand Picnic, July 26th, will be held  2-5 pm in the MCH Rose Garden, overlooking beautiful Lake Arrowhead. Last year the event drew 348 guests for an afternoon of music, great food and the opportunity to bid on both live and silent auction items. For the past two years, we have also included a Reverse Auction portion, structured to raise funds specifically for a much needed hospital equipment item.  Local restaurants participate by donating food for our guests. They provided lovely displays of their food specialties, to the delight of our guests. $161,000 was raised the Le Grand 2014!

This year’s Reverse Auction Equipment is a new anesthesia machine for our OR.  The machine currently being used by our doctors will then be moved into our second OR room, so that two surgeries can now be performed at the same time.  The cost of the new equipment is $90,000.00.

The addition of this new machine will allow our physicians to move from one operating room to the other in a timely manner, making a much more efficient way to provide services to our community.

Anesthesia machines provide a means of keeping a patient asleep/sedated and comfortable, while monitoring their vital signs, such as pulse, respiration, heart function and other necessary means to keeping the patient stable while surgery is being performed. It is very important and critical that the anesthetist is able to monitor and review all areas of sedation. This is done most effectively by the use of modern, up-to-date equipment, all done for the safety of our patients.

Next spring, the Hospital will be enlarging the lobby Solarium, redoing the small conference room in the Hospital and completing seismic improvements. So, the theme will be Under Construction with lots of fun decorations.”

Remember to reserve our spot.

Jazz in Blue Jay, Aug 2015 | Blue Jay | SATURDAY NIGHTS

It is that time of year to put on your Jazz shoes and dance the night away!  The Blue Jay Jazz festival has been moved from Thursday nights to Saturday night for the year of 2015.  So make sure you mark your calendars and don’t miss the fun.

Gates open at 5:30, show starts at 7:00.  Remember to pack a picnic, reserve a table and support the future Jazz generations.

For more info and to purchase tickets, visit their website: http://www.bluejayjazz.com/

Ticket prices are as follows:

General Adults $20.00
Children under 16 FREE with an adult

Blue Jay Village
HWY. 189
Blue Jay, CA. 92317

Above Rite Aid

Jazz in Blue Jay Table (seats eight) 
$60 per table

Jazz in Blue Jay Table and Tickets for Eight 

Jazz Festival

Hope to see you there, I’ll be the one dancing 😉


“Life is short, take more chances on the things that shake your comfort zone.”

Have you ever heard of the show Love It or List It?  Did you know that it is a Canadian run network and show?  Yah me neither until I auditioned for the Realtor part of a new spin off.  “Love It or List It Vacation Homes.”

I want to thank my best friend Kristil for encouraging me to shake my nerves and submit a video submission back in March to the Milo Casting company.  My first reaction was NO of course.  Then I called her up and said, lets do this, now, without thinking to much about it.  So we grabbed the camera, used 2 houses and filmed the whole video in like one hour!  I did not want to overthink anything, just went with the flow and tried as best I could to make sure my personality was shown.  Kristil edited the video in lightning speed and before I knew it I had submitted the video for review.  Gulp, that was easy.

Within less than 12 hours I had already heard from one of the producers, they wanted my video to be in YouTube format.  That was promising, at least I knew they got it.  Eleven days went by when I received my second email; They said, “congrats you are moving on to the second round” and they wanted to have a 45 minute Skype interview with me the next day.  Whoa, wait, what just happen, they liked it, they want to interview me live via Skype… Okay, yes, of course!

On the day of the interview all I could think is, “you have one chance, don’t f**k this up.”  I dressed in my normal office casual attire, slapped my self in the face and had a blast with the producers doing the interview.  They got me to sing, dance and show off my tattoos!  After the hour was up I took a sigh of relief and had a huge lunch! HA!  You don’t eat much when your nerves are shot.  I felt really good about the interview and was told I would hear from them either way.

After 3 long months and finally giving up on hearing anything, I received an email… “Hi Michelle – I’m one of the producer on the new show.  I’m following up on the audition tape you sent through.  We’d like to send it to network as part of the group of hopefuls we’d like them to consider.  I wanted to make sure you were still interested& able to re-locate to Ontario for shooting from July to Nov. of this year.”

I froze in my chair at work. They picked me as a hopeful (insert wide eyes and dropped jaw face).  First thing I did was call my husband to tell him about re-locating, he said, “uh yah, duh, I love to travel!” So within 5 minutes I responded with, “yes, 110% I am in!”  After all what could 4 months in Canada hurt?!  It’s no secret that my dream job would be to travel and get paid and sell Real Estate while doing it!

I will make this last part short.  3 weeks went by when I found out that the “Network” had not chosen me to go to the final round.  Dang it, so close to a in person interview.  I had known from the beginning that no matter what, at the end of the day the Network makes the final decision.  I sent my thank you’s to those I had talked to, and found out that I was in the top 12 chosen to be sent to the network.  When I heard that information all I could think is how pleased with my self I was that I tried.  I was SUPER STOKED about being in the top 12.  I’m bummed I wont be able to brag about the best small town in the world, Lake Arrowhead but hey we all know that it is already! 😉

I want to thank everyone who believed in me, encouraged me and supported me.  There were only a handful of people that knew, I figured I did not want to make a big deal over something that might not even happen.  So here I am in all my Michelle Calkins glory.  The video has been private since March, but I figured why not let you all see it now.  So have fun, laugh a little and don’t be scared to try something that scares the crap out of you.

I think what I want most people to get out of this blog is that life is short but worth every breath.  I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone today and take a chance on something you never thought possible!

See you around town! – Michelle

Lake Arrowhead Summer Concert July 10-11, 2015

75df21_892fde9cc9e84269b8ead273c9ee99bb_png_srz_p_612_366_75_22_0_50_1_20_0This weekend playing on the Center Stage in the Lake Arrowhead Village is:

Friday 7/10: Fears For Tears & No Duh double bill! (Tributes to Tears
for Fears and No Doubt! Selling out everywhere!)


Saturday 7/11: Neil Diamond Experience with Jason Lohrke!



Be safe and have fun!

For more info, visit: http://www.thelakearrowheadvillage.com/#!events/c1df4

See you there!

Lobster Fest 2015 | Blue Jay | July 24,25 & 26

Is your mouth watering yet?  It is almost time for the annual Lobster Fest in Blue Jay.  As in usual Jensens fashion the Lobster Fest will be held in the parking lot from 11:00-7:00 on July 24-26, 2015.

Take a look at their menu below and if it all looks to good to be true, remember you have 3 days to stuff your face with some Surf and Turf!  Enjoy and remember to wear your bib!

Full color Lobster event flyers BJ

For more info visit the website: http://jensensfoods.com/events/event/?ID=116#1

Lake Arrowhead Summer Concerts INDEPENDENCE DAY Weekend July 3-5, 2015

75df21_892fde9cc9e84269b8ead273c9ee99bb_png_srz_p_612_366_75_22_0_50_1_20_0This weekend playing on the Center Stage in the Lake Arrowhead Village is:

Friday 7/3: Echo Love Chamber – 40 years of hits!


Saturday 7/4:  Dead Mans Party


Sunday 7/5:  Catch a Wave – Beach Boys Tribute –

Afternoon concert! 2:30-4:30pm!



Be safe and have fun!

For more info, visit: http://www.thelakearrowheadvillage.com/#!events/c1df4

See you there!