These are Lake Arrowhead’s Surrounding Communities

Sky Forest, Crest Estates, Agua Fri, Blue Jay…. These are just a few of the communities surrounding Lake Arrowhead.

The question always arises when the “locals” mention or talk about other communities in Lake Arrowhead.  Lake Arrowhead is the BIG city but did you know that there are over 15 other small communities that make this mountain range what it is?

You might hear, “let’s go to Lou Eddies in Sky Forest,” or have you tried the Duck Fat Fries at Stone Creek Bistro in Agua Fria?”  Did you know that my office, Coldwell Banker is located in Blue Jay?  If you work with me in Real Estate you should know that the area I cover ranges from Crestline to Running Springs.  This general Lake Arrowhead area covers State Highways, County Roads and Access Roads from a Birdseye view of 50+ miles.  Those neighborhoods are spread from Cedarpines Park in Crestline through Green Valley Lake in Running Springs.  I have attached a map that I put together to help show you the areas my colleagues and I cover img001Here is a list of the surrounding communities in Lake Arrowhead: Blue Jay, Agua Fria, Twin Peaks, Rim Forest, Sky Forest, Crest Park, Crest Estates, Arrowhead Villas, Cedar Glen, Deer Lodge Park.

In Crestline: Arrowhead Highlands, VOE (Valley of Enchantment), CPP (Cedarpines Park), Dart Canyon, San Moritz.

In Running Springs: Smiley Park, Rimwood Ranch, Arrowbear, GVL (Green Valley Lake).

The more you get to know the mountain, the more you see how each community plays its roll and makes these San Bernardino mountains pretty awesome! If you are curious about the population in these communities, click here: POPULATION

If you have any further questions on any of these communities, do not hesitate to contact me and ask away!

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