What the heck is “ARROWHEAD WOODS” and what are LAKE RIGHTS?

Did you know that Lake Arrowhead is private and that you can not put a boat on the lake unless you live in “Arrowhead Woods?”

Take a look at this map below and let me explain why and what the blue dotted line is.  Here is a hint, the locals call it “The Woods” so if you hear us using that term, now you know what we are talking about! Image I know what you are thinking; oh wow, how snotty of them to make their lake private.  However…

This tid bit comes from the AWAC (Arrowhead Woods Architectural Committee) website:

{After visiting Lake Arrowhead in 1923, a reporter for the Architectural Record wrote, “Much glorious scenery in California and elsewhere has been ruined by haphazard building.” He went on to commend Arrowhead homeowners for the establishment of a concerned resident group appointed that same year. That group, charged with the responsibility of working with the community to protect Lake Arrowhead from such a fate, was AWAC. More than 75 years later, still empowered by the CC&Rs, AWAC continues to preserve the unique character of and property value within the Arrowhead Woods.}

Lake Arrowhead/ AWAC take so much pride in keeping the lake clean and clear of contamination and have done so for 75 years.  The lake is small and too much traffic could create hazards while boating on the water.  Ask anyone who owns property in the Woods and they will tell you how much they appreciate the private lake.

If you want Lake Rights and you want to swim and play in Lake Arrowhead, then take a look at that map and buy a house within the blue dotted line/Arrowhead Woods.  However there are some exceptions so make sure you check with me first to make sure your house does not fall on one of the fine lines.  If you want on the lake then you want to make sure you buy right!  If you do not care about getting on the lake, then sky’s the limit with property up here!

Visit my blog on ALA and see how much the fees are to be a Lake Member.

For more info, feel free to email me so we can chat about Lake Rights and Arrowhead Woods!

7 Replies to “What the heck is “ARROWHEAD WOODS” and what are LAKE RIGHTS?”

  1. What if you want to move to Lake Arrowhead but cannot afford a property yet but want to rent in Lake Arrowhead Woods…would that enable you to take a walk along the lake and or take a dip in the lake and sit on one of the beaches surrounding the lake?

  2. I have been casually looking for properties in Lake Arrowhead for a year or so and definitely want lake rights. I won’t be ready to move up there for another year or two but wanted to familiarize myself with the area. Do you know the reasoning why some of the close areas are not within that range for lake rights, like Cedar Glen for example? Are the boundaries set in stone or would there be any chance to petition to extend the rights out to certain neighborhoods?

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