Sycamore Ranch – A story about a Winemaker and his Wife

I have had every intention to post this blog, turned Vlog for basically 2 years.  I really have no idea what took me so long.  But here it is and I am so happy with how it turned out.

It has been my pleasure along many others to taste the fruitful wine that Richard Krumwiede is making in the special town of Crestline (Dart Canyon) CA.  His beautiful wife Elizabeth helps run and operate their business.

My self along with my team and the husbands ventured over to Sycamore Ranch one Sunday in June and had a wonderful time learning all about Sycamore Ranch and who they are.  I hope you enjoy the video, it is more of a documentary than a comedy.

The photos are from September 4, 2016.  That’s how long Ive been trying to get this story out.   If you have not been to Sycamore Ranch yet, I highly encourage you to make your way over there and be dazzled!

S.R. operates by appointment only, so head over to their website at or give them a call at 909-338-1725.

Enjoy the video!



Lake Arrowhead Divers – A look into lost item recovery and lake weed.

Did you know that Lake Arrowhead has a diver?  Have you ever dropped something valuable in the lake?  Did you think it was gone for good?  Well think again…

This is Charles DeBruyn.  Lake Arrowheads very own contracted diver. He specializes in item recovery and lake weed removal.

Charles let me tag along today and film a recovery.  It was a beautiful day in April and the water temps were 52º.

Watch the video below and see just what he recovered that day, and find out some of the history of the diver and divers of Lake Arrowhead.

For more info on Lake Arrowhead Divers, contact Charles DeBruyn at 909-754-0738



Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you around town!

Mountain Events October 12-15, 2017

Here’s whats happening this weekend on the Mountain!

For more info about SkyPark Santa’s Village, click here:

For more info about the Lake Arrowhead village, click here:

For anything Real Estate related, shoot me an email and lets talk!

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you around town!