Lake Arrowhead Triathlon ~ Saturday, September 13th, 2014

YAY, the Triathlon is back and the mountain community could not be more happy!  Thank you IECC for making this possible!


Lake Arrowhead Triathlon 2014
Lake Arrowhead Village
September 13, 2014

Sponsorship Opportunity:
Envision your business donating generously to the biggestmountain event of the year!

CONTACT US TODAY TO MAKE YOUR DONATION! Sponsorship Opportunities: Lloyd Dixon, 951-520-3453 Mtn Contact, Questions: Kandra Scullin, 336-1800

*Details of race subject to change based on participating contracts.

Swim: 900 yards: Swimmers enter the lake at Burnt Mill Beach and Exit at the Yacht Club Boat Ramp*.Bike: 9.7 miles: The Bike race is an open course all the way around the lake that will be monitored by the CHP for safety.
Run: 5K: The run starts by exiting Bike Transition and running up the hill toward HWY 189 and right towards Blue Jay Theatre where racers turn around and return to the Lake Arrowhead peninsula to finish the race.

This information was provided by the IECC website, for more info and registration rates, visit their site at:




This weekend playing on the Center Stage in the Lake Arrowhead Village is:


Saturday 5/31: JOSHUA TREE – U2 TRIBUTE


Be safe and have fun!

For more info, visit:!events/c1df4

lake arrowhead village

This is STONE CREEK BISTRO, Home to the Duck Fat Fries ~ Aqua Fria

From DUCK FAT FRIES to FRENCH PRESS, this Bistro is serving an upscale, full-service menu sure to shake your taste buds!

Have you been to the new restaurant Stone Creek Bistro that’s sits in the tiny town of Agua Fria?  If you have not stopped in to try out this new restaurant then let me tell you that you are missing out!  Stone Creek Bistro is about to have their 1 year Anniversary on July 29 and the community is thriving off the good food and fun atmosphere they have provided. Image From the front page of their website: {We feature seasonally driven produce, locally sourced dairy and meats, and house-made desserts, all created with love and passion by chef Sam Perry. Our menu is moderately priced, with an eclectic mix of regional American comfort food and traditional French bistro cuisine. We use time-honored recipes as well as some cutting-edge molecular-gastronomy techniques} Image Image For those of you who have experienced the “New American/ French Spice/ Southern Flair” that Stone Creek is cooking up then I can bet I am making your mouth salivate just by blogging about this 😉

If you have not had the chance yet to try what Chef Sam Perry is dishing up, then I suggest you stop what you are doing and make a reservation tonight! Two of my favorite dishes are the Ahi Tuna Tartare Appetizer $14 and the Braise Lamb Osso Bucco $29!

Don’t forget to ask about the “Blue Plate Special.” Image Image Stone Creek Bistro is Family owned and operated, literally almost every employee is a brother, cousin, spouse or parent!  The chalk art on the walls and menu boards are hand drawn by Sam’s wife Jamie Perry.  Sonny Perry Sr. can be seen greeting all who come in, he is also the one who does all the beer and wine ordering, and if you were wondering… yes the beer and wine selection is just as good as the food! Image Image I am such a huge fan of the Interior décor.  The chalk board menus, the lighting and the pallet walls are just the perfect modern touch!  Sonny built the bar top with his own hands out of his garage, and all the tables came from local antique stores. Image Image

Stone Creek Bistro Hours are:

Dinner hours: Tues – Thurs 5pm – 9pm Fri & Sat  5pm – 10pm  Sun: 5pm – 9pm

For reservations call: 909-337-3663 ( Reservations are highly suggested)

Coming this Summer ~ Outdoor Patio!

For more information on the Stone Creek Bistro and to see their full menu, visit their website at

Pictures provided by yours truly: Michelle Calkins Realtor


Are your weeds getting out of control? Do you have pine needles accumulating on your roof? It is that time of year again that we need to start clearing away all the brush that winter left behind.   Do your part to help prevent forest fires!


In Arrowhead Woods as in other forested areas, fuel load – the vegetation available to feed a wild fire – is always a threat, all  year around.

Houses are prime fuel, and there is not enough fire equipment on the mountain to protect all of the homes from a major wild fire.

Home owners can lessen their risk and improve the chances for their residence to survive a wild fire by creating “defensible space” around it.  In Arrowhead Woods and throughout the mountains, this means tree trimming, brush cutting, clearing roofs, decks and grounds.

The “right roof” is essential.  New construction or re-roofing in Arrowhead Woods requires the most fire resistant class “A” materials, such as clay or concrete tile, fibrous cement shake, metal tile or Fiberglass composition.

Homeowners can reduce wildfire hazard by landscaping with fire resistant plants, thinning, creating distance between vegetation and buildings and pruning overhanging branches and bushy shrubs along access roads to provide passage for fire trucks and other emergency vehicles.

Each year, county agriculture commission inspectors look for fire hazards.  Typically, they require:

1.  Grass and weeds mowed to four inches in height or less.

2.   Tree trimmings to be removed completely.

3.   Firewood stored out of doors to be stacked neatly.

4.   Heavy brush thinned to eliminate dead branches and leaves.

5.   Pine needles and leaves no more than two inches deep.

6.   Flammable vegetation and pine needles cleared for 30 feet around all structures.  If property slopes more than 15 percent, 100 feet clearance is required.

7.   Vegetation and pine needles cleared for 10 feet from any road.

8.   Removal of flammable refuse, including dead plants.

9.  Removal of tree limbs over buildings or within 10 feet of chimney opening.  A half-inch mesh chimney spark arrestor should be visible from the ground.

10.   No flammable vegetation, leaves or pine needles on roofs.

Conditions, covenants and restrictions on property in Arrowhead Woods call for tree trimming and removal to be approved by the Arrowhead Woods Architectural Committee.  Tree trimming along the lake front must also be approved by the Arrowhead Lake Association.

Tree work done without approval will result in damage assessment against the property owner.

The Committee finds trimming solely to improve a view especially offensive.  It is likely to approve tree trimming for fire hazard abatement; for clearing around a structure or chimney; to correct hazards such as dead wood or weak limbs or forks or corrections prescribed by a tree expert, such as sanitation of infection by fungus, mistletoe or other pest.

Requests for approval a tree pruning, shaping, cutting or altering will result in a site visit by an AWAC inspector.  The owner is sent written notice of the decision.  For detailed information, call AWAC at  909-336-2755.

(Information was provided by and the Fire Safe Council)

If you need any phone numbers of local contractors and landscapers, just send me a email and I will provide that information right away!


What the heck is “ARROWHEAD WOODS” and what are LAKE RIGHTS?

Did you know that Lake Arrowhead is private and that you can not put a boat on the lake unless you live in “Arrowhead Woods?”

Take a look at this map below and let me explain why and what the blue dotted line is.  Here is a hint, the locals call it “The Woods” so if you hear us using that term, now you know what we are talking about! Image I know what you are thinking; oh wow, how snotty of them to make their lake private.  However…

This tid bit comes from the AWAC (Arrowhead Woods Architectural Committee) website:

{After visiting Lake Arrowhead in 1923, a reporter for the Architectural Record wrote, “Much glorious scenery in California and elsewhere has been ruined by haphazard building.” He went on to commend Arrowhead homeowners for the establishment of a concerned resident group appointed that same year. That group, charged with the responsibility of working with the community to protect Lake Arrowhead from such a fate, was AWAC. More than 75 years later, still empowered by the CC&Rs, AWAC continues to preserve the unique character of and property value within the Arrowhead Woods.}

Lake Arrowhead/ AWAC take so much pride in keeping the lake clean and clear of contamination and have done so for 75 years.  The lake is small and too much traffic could create hazards while boating on the water.  Ask anyone who owns property in the Woods and they will tell you how much they appreciate the private lake.

If you want Lake Rights and you want to swim and play in Lake Arrowhead, then take a look at that map and buy a house within the blue dotted line/Arrowhead Woods.  However there are some exceptions so make sure you check with me first to make sure your house does not fall on one of the fine lines.  If you want on the lake then you want to make sure you buy right!  If you do not care about getting on the lake, then sky’s the limit with property up here!

Visit my blog on ALA and see how much the fees are to be a Lake Member.

For more info, feel free to email me so we can chat about Lake Rights and Arrowhead Woods!

Antique & Classic Wooden Boat Show ~ June 7th & 8th ~ Lake Arrowhead

The 2014 Annual Antique & Classic Wooden Boat Show will take place Saturday, June 7th & Sunday, June 8th at the Lake Arrowhead Village

Antique boats will vie for trophies and can be viewed up close at the Lake Arrowhead Village docks.

On display throughout the village will be vintage woodie cars, hot rods, antique wooden boat models and early outboard motors. Antique boats will also be for sale throughout the village.

The feature boat of this year’s show will be Empress, a 1938 Gar Wood 22-foot model 915 Streamliner. Only 9 of these rare beauties were ever built. The Streamliner was intended to revolutionize the runabout market with the practicality of three cockpits forward, with seating for eleven persons in a 22-foot boat. The rear engine and V-drive configuration was very unusual in the 1930s.

The show is produced by the Rim of the World Historical Society with the assistance of the Antique & Classic Boat Society, the Arrowhead Lake Association, the Lake Arrowhead Village, the Up The Hill Woodie Club, Street Rods Forever and the Trompers.

For further information, call 909-336-6666

For more info, visit this website:


This is PAPAGAYOS Mexican Restaurant in Lake Arrowhead

I am sure you have all seen the iconic round building that sits in the middle of the Lake Arrowhead Village… If you have not, then you have not been to Lake Arrowhead.  Let me introduce to you the famous Lake Arrowhead Papagayos! I may be biased to the establishment because after I first moved up here to Lake Arrowhead, they were the first place to give me a job!  I bartended at Papagayos for 5 years/4 summers and I loved every shift I ever worked!  No matter if you are a first time visitor or a regular local, you will be treated like family!


Papagayos opened their doors in 1983 at its original location in Agua Fria.  In 2005 Papagayos made the big move to the iconic round building in the heart of the Lake Arrowhead Village!  The following summer, Papagayos opened their lake side patio and to this day is still family owned and operated.  In 2012 Breakfast was introduced and is served on Saturday’s and Sunday’s.  Papagayos is known for their annual Cino De Mayo celebration, their mascot Clyde the Parrot and the ever memorable or not so memorable One Step Margaritas!  If you have ever had a One Step, then you know what I am talking about.  I had a customer ask me once what kind of truth serum I poured in the margarita… Still one of my favorite comments about the One Step to this day!

Regardless of the weather outside, you will feel a sense of escape when you walk through the front doors.  A quote from one of Jimmy Buffett’s songs greets you when you walk in the door, “Change Your Latitude!”  You might even notice a few other Jimmy Buffett quotes on the walls, or maybe see if you can’t find the lost shaker of salt! 😉


No matter what time of year or what the weather is like outside you can count on Papagayos to stick to their operating hours.  I am a sucker for the summer time weather and the atmosphere on the patio, but winter time snow days are also one of my favorite times to sit inside and watch the snow fall!

Papagayos Operating Hours are:
Mon – Fri: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sat: 9:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sun: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

Phone: (909) 337-9529

Sundays on the Patio you can find live music being played by Tim Grossman from 2-6.




For more info on Papagayos, visit their we-site at
You can also visit their Facebook page at:

If you happen to snap any pictures of you and your friends enjoying your time at Papagayos, make sure to hashtag: #PapagayosLakeArrowhead #PapagayosPatio #Partio and #LakeArrowhead



Below you will see the Patio Bar!  The Patio Bar has been open since 2008, there you can get Papagayos street tacos and nachos.  This is one of my favorite summer time hangouts!

IMG_0100 IMG_0109 IMG_0110 IMG_0112

These Pictures were taken by yours truly, Michelle Calkins

My Pick(s) of the Day ~ May 22, 2014 ~ Broker Tour ~ Lake Arrowhead and Crestline

Hello all!  It is Broker Tour Day Thursday which means… I pass along my favorite new listings I persoanlly saw.  Today there were to many to choose, so I decided to give you 5 listings to look at!  Remember if you want to see any of these listings or have any questions shoot me an email, or give me a call! Enjoy!

1: 28723 Potomac Dr, Lake Arrowhead, $170,000 ( This house has Lake Right) ~ DO NOT LET THIS ONE GO… THIS IS A SELL FAST PRICE WITH LAKE RIGHTS!  QUICK CALL ME TODAY!  This house is on an access road.

2140915_101_12 2140915_301_12


2: 27567 West Shore, Lake Arrowhead, $3,299,000!  If you are looking for a perfect turnkey Lake Front, this is it!  It is absolutly stunning and even comes with an elevator! I will post more pictures as they are loaded into the system.  Look for my blog on this beauty in a few days!

2140863_101_12 2140863_301_12


3: 749 Brentwood Drive, Lake Arrowhead, $1,995,000.  This beauty sits on the Golf Course!  I personally loved the movie theater room!  Here is a link to see more pictures!

2140891_101_12 2140891_H01_12 2140891_P01_12

4: 185 Mile High, Crestline, Mile High Park, $179,000.  What a cutie, this house is located in Mile High Park and has a fabulous mountain view!  Snag this one before it is gone!





5: 117 Pineridge Rd, Crestline, Mile High Park, $389,000.  Level entry, flat lot and lots of charm!  I pointed this house out before I knew it was the one we were going to. Soooo cute!