I just read this article in California Real Estate magazine May 2014 and felt it necessary to share with you all.  This is very valuable info and will affect most of us soon.



Prepare for New Retrofitting Law

Effective Jan. 1, 2014, property owners who obtain permits to remod- el a property that was built prior to 1994 are required to retrofit with toilets that use no more than 1.6 gallons per flush, showerheads with flow rates of no more than 2.5

gallons per minute, and other interior fixtures that use less than 2.2 gallons of water per minute.

This applies to all single-family property permits, as well as multifamily and commercial property permits where 10 percent or more of the square footage is included in the remodel.

By Jan. 1, 2017, all residential properties in Cali- fornia that were built prior to 1994 will need to be in compliance with water fixtures as outlined above, which will bring them up to the same standards as homes built since 1994. 


This article was copied form the May 2014 issue of the CAR Magazine.


In Real Estate, pictures are worth a thousand words and a few thousand dollars!

Everyday I search new and old listings on our MLS System, and far to often I come across some of the most horrific photos.  My question to you is… Have you seen the pictures your agent posted? How is your agent representing your house?  Would you as the buyer pick your own house out of a magazine or a handful of potential listings?  Would you even recognize your own house?

Below are a few pictures found on the MLS systems that I use, none are mine.  These listings are sent to potential buyers… Ugh

You can be the judge…


I cannot figure out why the road has anything to do with the house.


Nice Trash


I can’t figure out if they are showing the deck, woods or the cracked window.






My First Blog

BLOG… snarf, yuck, ugh, blah, sighhhhhh… Fine I will finally start one!  I suppose this is right up my alley, I mean I am in my 30’s and this is the total “Y” generation thing to do, RIGHT?!  Besides I have a pretty big mouth, and I tend to have what a few friends and I termed a few years back as “Chocolate Feet” (better known as “foot in mouth” syndrome, or in my case, “feet in mouth”).  So let’s get this started!  Warning:  I am not a writer (which is why I have put this off) so these blogs will be no where near perfect and they are sure to have grammar errors and misspellings and that is that.  🙂

Hi, I’m Michelle Calkins, a Realtor, NSCA-Personal Trainer, Photographer and all around hard worker who lives in the California San Bernardino Mountains in a little town called Lake Arrowhead.  In 2013 I experienced one of the best years of my life and it all has to do with my career in Real Estate, I finally found something I love and I can’t stop talking about.  I work for Coldwell Banker Sky Ridge Realty in Blue Jay and I am on the Arrowhead Professional Partners team (find us on FB).  I work with both buyers and sellers from Crestline to Running Springs.  I will be posting listings, realtor tips, and an eclectic array of miscellaneous things that I find fun.  I look forward to working with you or someone you know in the future.

Thanks for stopping by, and don’t forget to find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!