Le Grand Picnic 2015 | Lake Arrohwead | Mountains Community Hospital

It is that time of year again where we gather good food good people and a good cause at Mountains Community Hospital!


Here is a blurb from the website on where this years funds that are raised will be going: http://www.mchcares.com/foundation/events/

“The annual Le Grand Picnic, July 26th, will be held  2-5 pm in the MCH Rose Garden, overlooking beautiful Lake Arrowhead. Last year the event drew 348 guests for an afternoon of music, great food and the opportunity to bid on both live and silent auction items. For the past two years, we have also included a Reverse Auction portion, structured to raise funds specifically for a much needed hospital equipment item.  Local restaurants participate by donating food for our guests. They provided lovely displays of their food specialties, to the delight of our guests. $161,000 was raised the Le Grand 2014!

This year’s Reverse Auction Equipment is a new anesthesia machine for our OR.  The machine currently being used by our doctors will then be moved into our second OR room, so that two surgeries can now be performed at the same time.  The cost of the new equipment is $90,000.00.

The addition of this new machine will allow our physicians to move from one operating room to the other in a timely manner, making a much more efficient way to provide services to our community.

Anesthesia machines provide a means of keeping a patient asleep/sedated and comfortable, while monitoring their vital signs, such as pulse, respiration, heart function and other necessary means to keeping the patient stable while surgery is being performed. It is very important and critical that the anesthetist is able to monitor and review all areas of sedation. This is done most effectively by the use of modern, up-to-date equipment, all done for the safety of our patients.

Next spring, the Hospital will be enlarging the lobby Solarium, redoing the small conference room in the Hospital and completing seismic improvements. So, the theme will be Under Construction with lots of fun decorations.”

Remember to reserve our spot.

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