A Few of My Favorite Fall and Winter Activities

For those of you who do not know, I am on a team with two other fabulous ladies.  Michelle Hutton and Sophie Formby.  Twice a year we put together a list of our favorite mountain activities and distribute a mailer to almost all the local post offices.  We do a Spring/Summer and a Fall/Winter calendar with as many events as we can fit onto a two sided mailer.  I wanted to share with you our Fall/ Winter calendar that we released a few weeks ago.  Please feel free to copy paste or print this calendar and share it wherever you want.  Just click on the picture for a much larger view and then copy and save.

We try to attend as many of the events as we can, so if you see one of us, make sure to say hi!  Even snap a picture with us so we can post it to our FB page.  Which reminds me, you can find us on Facebook at Arrowhead Professional Partners.  Don’t forget to stop by our page and click the like button.

APP Flyer Front Long JPEG APP Flyer BACK Long JPEG

For more info on any of these events, feel free to contact us via phone or email and we can provide the website or phone number to gather more info on the event.  If you would like on of these flyers mailed to you, please email me you name and address and I will make sure it is in the mail tomorrow.  I can also email you a PDF or JPEG so that you can print one out or save it to your computer.

We hope that these dates help you enjoy your mountain experience!  See you around town!

WOW, Twin Peaks Average Home SOLD Price is Looking Good

Here is a look at how the market is in Twin Peaks:  42 homes sold so far YTD.

Twin Peaks

As of September 24, 2014 Twin Peaks has sold 42 properties. According to our local RIM MLS statistics you can see that the average home has sold for $174,921, the average days on the market were 65. Last year at this same time there were 56 properties sold and the average price was $156,818, the average days on the market were 85. As you can see statistically… The prices are rising.

If you are interested in a free market analysis on your home, send me an email and I will let you know where your house stands in the current market and how much it will sell for.

Happy home buying/selling, see you around the mountain! ~ Michelle

How is your REALTOR Love Life?!

Today I learned a valuable lesson about communication, how you present it and how you perceive it.  Here is my take on Real Estate Relationships… 

How is your Realtor Relationship?


In today’s time we are texting and emailing far to often and most of our communication is misunderstood.  It is hard for both parties to understand each other.  I would like to encourage, longer emails that are filled with more detail to help eliminate confusion.  Stop texting valuable information and pick up the phone.  As Realtors our job is far to important to miscommunicate the wrong information.  All it takes is one wrong email or text message to ruin a good relationship.  Don’t let that happen to you.


“I believe that even in Real Estate, communication is the key to a great relationship!”  ~ Michelle Calkins
a5f65c03c43d96ec74790ae768f29aabKeep your Real Estate Love Life Happy!

524 Rainier Rd, $295,000 LEVEL ENTRY {SOLD}

Check out my new listing at 524 Rainer Rd.  This house is LEVEL ENTRY and has an amazing view from the back deck.  I am so in love with the décor it makes me want to move right in.  If you want a showing make sure to hit me up!  This house is listed at $295,000!

Here is the link to Realtor.com with a more detailed description


IMG_3730 (1024x683)IMG_3660 (1024x683)IMG_3715 (1024x683)IMG_3675 (1024x683)IMG_3695 (1024x683)


To see the virtual tour and more pictures click the following link:.  http://www.tourfactory.com/idxr1177900