How is your REALTOR Love Life?!

Today I learned a valuable lesson about communication, how you present it and how you perceive it.  Here is my take on Real Estate Relationships… 

How is your Realtor Relationship?


In today’s time we are texting and emailing far to often and most of our communication is misunderstood.  It is hard for both parties to understand each other.  I would like to encourage, longer emails that are filled with more detail to help eliminate confusion.  Stop texting valuable information and pick up the phone.  As Realtors our job is far to important to miscommunicate the wrong information.  All it takes is one wrong email or text message to ruin a good relationship.  Don’t let that happen to you.


“I believe that even in Real Estate, communication is the key to a great relationship!”  ~ Michelle Calkins
a5f65c03c43d96ec74790ae768f29aabKeep your Real Estate Love Life Happy!

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