What Exactly is ALA… And Why do they Manage Lake Arrowhead?

Are you one of those who keeps hearing all the locals use the term ALA?  It probably sounds something like this, “I have to pay my ALA dues,” or “don’t forget to bring the ALA card when we go to the beach.”  Remember that here in Lake Arrowhead we are a private Lake and all the homeowners in “Arrowhead Woods” like it that way.   (Click here to read my blog on Arrowhead Woods)

Below you will find info that I pulled directly from the ALA website: http://www.ala-ca.org/page/24073~502845/Welcome:

If you have any further questions, please call ALA and they will be happy to help.

So what is ALA “Arrowhead Woods Association?”
All About Arrowhead Lake Association
The Arrowhead Lake Association is here to manage and maintain Lake Arrowhead and serve the property owners of Arrowhead Woods who choose to become Members.Arrowhead Lake Association Mission Statement“To protect, operate, and improve Lake Arrowhead and ALA properties, to provide reasonable and safe recreational facilities in a fiscally responsible manner, with appropriate planning for the future.”
And for all those burning questions about Membership and how it works… Here is the info on the types of memberships and how much they cost.
$60, $200 or $500 depending on the membership.
Become a Member and enjoy all that Lake Arrowhead offers. There are three types of Membership that you can enjoy: General Membership, Beach Club Membership and Dock/Slip Right Membership. The amenities of each Membership are detailed below.  If you would like to enjoy Boating on Lake Arrowhead you must be a member of the ALA. Choose a Membership and then view the Boating page for information on how to register your boat so that you can have some fun on the water!GENERAL MEMBERSHIP:A General Membership entitles you to the following amenities:

  • Access to over 60 lake trails
  • Use of Grass Valley and Marina Peninsula Parks
  • The ability to rent Burnt Mill Beach Club for your events
  • Fishing on the shoreline and on specially designated fishing docks
  • Voting privileges
  • Admission to special events.

$60 per year
You may qualify for a free General Membership. Click here for details.


This membership entitles you to all of the amenities of a General Member PLUS access to the Burnt Mill and Tavern Bay Beach Clubs.

$200 per year


This membership is for dock and slip right owners. This membership must be renewed yearly. A Dock/Slip Right Membership entitles you to all of the amenities of the Beach Club Membership and the General Membership. The due date for renewal of this membership is April 1st of each year. Late fees apply.

$500 per year

I hope you find this information useful.  You can click the links in green to be directed straight to ALA’s website.

See you on the lake!

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