Home Sales are Down… Find out why and how you can help

Read the below blurb that I received from a C.A.R. Newsline email.  Home sales declined, but the reason is because we are low on listings.  There are too few sellers putting their homes on the market.  So if you have thought about selling, then what are you doing reading this… Get on the phone and call me today. 🙂

Here is the good news from the rest of the article.  “The steady price growth of 2014 could turn into good news for buyers in 2015 as the supply of homes priced under $300,000 is likely to increase. That’s because price growth in the low to middle price range has translated into increased equity for a large swath of homeowners, who will be in a position to sell in 2015.

Call me today for more info on how you can get your home on the market: 951-317-5019

Home Sales Declining (2)

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