9th Annual PINE CONE FESTIVAL | Lake Arrowhead

Did you know that Lake Arrowhead hosts an annual Pine Cone Festival?!  This year marks the 9th annual Pine Cone Festival and a new location.  This year the festival will be held at the Arrowhead Ridge in Lake Arrowhead, on Grass Valley Rd., October 10, 2015 from 9:30am to 4:00pm.

This festival started after the mountain communities suffered from the 2003 “Old Fire.” There was talk that Lake Arrowhead did not exist anymore and that there was no reason to visit the communities.  Obviously this was not the case.  The mountain was full of life, people and PINE CONES!  Thanks to the owners of Pine Rose Cabins in Twin Peaks, the Pine Cone Festival was born.

This event is FREE and offers lots of activities including: Pine Cone Craft Contest, Biggest Pine Cone Contest, Pine Cone Olympics, and so much more.  There are even 2 Grand Prizes Worth over $1,150 each, Can You Beat the Record?

Here is some info from the Pine Cone Festival website: http://www.pineconefestival.org/

For more information please visit the Pine Cone Festival website at http://www.pineconefestival.org/ : All pictures used came from their website.


There will be signage! Follow the signs.  From the 210, get off at Waterman Canyon, turn left/north. Waterman becomes Hwy 18.  Take Hwy 18 north into the mountains. At the top of the mountain, Take the Lake Arrowhead fork (left), not Crestline.  Stay on Hwy 18 to Daley Canyon Rd/ Hwy 189 (Blue Jay turn off). If you get to the high school, you have gone to far.  At the stop sign turn left (Prime Properties is on the corner)Follow the road and curve right at the Shell Gas station and then follow the road to the left. You will be on Grass Valley Rd at this point.  Arrowhead ridge is approximately ½ mile on the right.

 If you come up the mountain via Hwy 330, take Hwy 18 at the top of the mountain (in Running Springs). Stay on Hwy 18 heading west until you get to Daley Canyon (Blue Jay turn off), just past the high school. Turn right off the highway, then turn right again onto Daley Canyon. Then the directions are the same from the stop sign.

To contact the Pine Cone Festival

PO Box 2582

Running Springs, CA 92382

Tel: (866) 923-3473

email: PineConeFest@earthlink.net

Good luck and happy Pine Cone hunting!

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