Once a month on every second Wednesday there is a Realtor Breakfast held for all of RIM Realtors and affiliates.  This year we all (or a good 1/4 of us) gather at the newly renovated “Tudor House” for a buffet breakfast.  The meeting is an easy, short hour of general community information or recognitions.  It gives a bunch of Realtors a chance to catch up on any gossip and or meet their competition.  I felt today was especially informative and the reason for my Blog topic today! This topic has been a little bit of an uproar here in our small town and there have been many grumbles and ugly faces about this “New” Lake Gregory.  Here is what I found out:

I had the chance this morning to meet Spencer Pike, the new Manager of Lake Gregory, along with Michelle Fox, the Marketing Manager.  After the glares were over with, both Spencer and Michelle got to the topic at hand, why was Lake Gregory taken over by a private company, rather than continually run by the county? Here are some notes that I took and hope to spread some cheer on the subject.

The new company was taken over on January 1, 2014.  This is a private company and they will be running it as they see fit for the community and its value.  There will be renovations done to the San Moritz Lodge (it is much needed). There will be a new beach club called “Cove Café,” which will serve beer and wine.  There will be improvements to the swim area along with a large new “Splash Island.”  You can now have a personal watercraft on the lake as long as there is no motor, this also includes Kayaks and Paddleboards (HAPPY FACE); there will be a fee of $10 a day or $100 for the season for each water craft.  There are new hours of operation, previous hours were 10-5, the new hours are Dawn to Dusk, and until the people stop coming (when the weather turns too cold).  Spencer did say that dogs in the lake are ok, but if you bring them on a water craft you and the dog should have a life vest.  For all the fisherman out there, in January there was 5,000 LBS of fish dumped into the lake!  So far I’d say, it all sounds pretty good!

Now for the fees (THE BIGGEST CONCERN).  Yes there are fees.  The fee we are all used to is the beach pass, it will be $6 dollars per person, and there is a season pass offered for those who like to come more than once in a while.  There is now a Parking fee and I was told that it starts this weekend (4/11/2014).  The parking fee is $6 dollar a day, but if you are a regular park visitor you can purchase a year pass for only $49 dollars.  This applies to all of the Lake Gregory parking areas.  If you use the sport fields for any community sport leagues,  attend a wedding or special event, there will be an exception to those parties.  Passes will be provided to all organizations through the coordinator of the event, and parking will be free.

I must admit, after I heard, oh around 50 questions answered today, I felt pretty optimistic about this situation (I did not coming in to the meeting).  There was talk about how ALL fees that are paid to Lake Gregory will go directly to Lake Gregory or the town of Crestline.  This new management is hoping to bring a fresh new vibe to Crestline.  I am happy to hear of this change and I think it will increase property values in the coming years. It will also give Crestline the face lift it needs to attract more tourist and vacationers.  After all “San Moritz” was the happening spot back in the 60’s, there is no reason why it can’t be again!  The GRAND OPENING is set for June 7, will have live music, and I’m sure much much more.




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