This morning when I picked up the Mountain News the front page read, “New Water Limits Get Tentative OK.”  The alarming part of the article was, possible water usage violations could send you to jail.  It has been the talk all winter here in Lake Arrowhead, and all around Southern California…  WE ARE ON A HIGH DROUGHT ALERT.  The poor Midwest and East Coast suffered the most horrible winter in centuries, and the West Coast is suffering from high temperatures and NO RAIN.

The article talks about Emergency Levels.  If lake levels get too low we can end up in a Level 3 emergency.  “To activate a Level 3 emergency, the lake level would need to fall below 5,100 feet, rainfall would need to be less than 50 percent of normal,” stated The Mountain News.  They also state, “If Level 1 were declared, outdoor irrigation during May 1 to October 15 permitted season would be limited to two days a week, rather that the three days currently allowed under Ordinance 69.”   There was also talk of violations and a possible water shut off, “District customers who willfully violate the provisions of a Level 3 declaration could have their water service discontinued at the districts discretion.”  If you were issued a third violation you may have a “flow-restricting device’ limiting service to one gallon per minute on one-and-half-inch service lines and comparatively sized restrictors on a larger lines.”

If you want to read more of this article, you can pick up the local Mountain News or call LACSD for more questions.

In the meantime, be water wise, and pray for rain!

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