Chateau Gourmet… Transformed into a YOGA RETREAT!

The long sitting Chateau Gourmet will not be a restaurant or sports Grille, but will cater to all wellness and Yoga enthusiast!

I have fantastic news on the new “REFRESH Retreat.”  The old Chateau Gourmet restaurant is getting a whole new look!  A big thanks to Sophie Formby for setting this up, she was the agent who sold this property.  Sophie and I had the opportunity to meet up with the owners and creators of Refresh on Tuesday Night and they were kind enough to give us a private tour of the facility!

The almost open Refresh Retreat is located in Crestline, CA and is steps away from Lake Gregory.  This building will be used for multiple events and fitness activities.  You can find everything from Yoga, Pilates, Wellness, Life Coaching and even Weddings!  Yes that’s right weddings!  The Yoga studio is plenty big to host a small wedding or private event.  They even have a small outdoor patio for those perfect summer nights!

I am sure that your burning question is…  Will there be classes for the locals?  Yes!  They will be hosting and providing weekday Yoga and Pilates.   I was told that 2 of the instructors will be, Polly Sauer and Magda.   I did not ask about rates, but the owners of Refresh are encouraging everyone to visit their website at and join the mailing list.  They will be updating and sending out info as soon as they can provide it!

I hope to have more info for you as soon as it is released.  Opening day is close.  The owners are waiting for all the final furnishing and for the Refresh sign to be hung!  This is such great news for the town of Crestline!  If you know any Yoga and Pilates enthusiast, tell them to keep their eye’s on Refresh!

Make sure to visit the website at:

Here are a few pictures I captured Tuesday Night, please keep in mind that they are still under construction:

Front Entrance

photo 1

Yoga Studio/ Wedding Hall

photo 2

Lobby and Reception Room

photo 3


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