12 Signs You are a “FLATLANDER”


FLATLANDER: {Flat-Land-er}: Noun: A Person who is from the Flat Lands, I.E. The Inland Empire, Orange County, Palm Springs, basically anyone who does not live on or in the mountains.
A term used in the mountains to describe people from lower elevations. EX: Driver: This guy is driving so slow; he must be a flatlander.

Have you ever been called a flatlander?  Are you wondering if you are a flatlander?

Here are 12 reasons us mountain folk can pick you out of a needle in a hay stack!

12: You ask us if we have indoor plumbing
11: You call our houses cabins, or say, “we are up at the cabin for the weekend.”
10: You drive 25 MPH on the roads
9: When we ask you where you’re from you say, Orange County and then ask if we know where that is.
8: It’s 60 degreed outside: You = Down Jacket and Uggs, Locals = shorts and flip flops.
7: You put your flashers on when it is foggy (dead giveaway you are not from up here).
6: You are shocked that we look normal.
5: You call it a mountain, we call it a hill
4: You slam on your brakes for squirrels almost causing an accident.
3: You blame everything on the altitude.
2: You get drunk quicker.
1: You think the entire mountain range is Big Bear.

Please note this is all in good fun!  I myself was an original Flatlander, I grew up in Corona, so trust me I know all about learning the mountain life!  We love you all and we want you to come up more.  Lake Arrowhead is a beautiful place and if it’s been a while since we have seen your faces, GET BACK UP HERE!!! Or come check us out, we have so much to offer in our small little mountain town! 

Hope to see you soon,

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