This is my Broker Steve Keefe and he is getting Honored at the Blue Jay Jazz Festival

This is Steve Keefe, Broker Owner of Coldwell Banker Sky Ridge Realty in Blue Jay, California!


Steve is the reason I am in Real Estate and I have much to be thankful for because of him including his enthusiasm and encouragement he manages to provide everyday.  It is not easy to be Steve Keefe, here are just a handful of things this guy does on a regular basis… He is first a husband to his beautiful wife Jamie, a father to his 2 sons (who puts his heart and sole into both their activities on a daily basis), a coach, a broker to 60 agents, an Angels fan, a golfer and the list goes on and on.  Steve is constantly on the up-and-up with all the latest and greatest tools for his business.  I am amazed at the energy this man has and also I have the utmost respect for him because if ever any agent in the office (remember there are 60) needs to talk, he is ALWAYS available and will take the time to listen and or help you build your business.  Steve can sometimes be a firecracker, but then again can’t we all.

On August 7th, Steve is being recognized at the Blue Jay Jazz festival!  I just wanted to brag a little about my Broker.  Hope to see you all there!


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