The Average Home in “Arrowhead Woods” is going for $406,015

As of today September 16, 2014 the market analysis shown below is from the last 100 days, in Arrowhead Woods.


The question was brought to me today regarding the average home sales.  I actually questioned the question.  So in order to better sever my buyers and sellers I went to the source.  Our local RIM MLS statistics tell me that there were 96 homes SOLD and the average home sale in the last 100 days was $406,015, it took 114 to sell.  Last year on these same dates, 116 homes were SOLD and the average price was, $374,697, it took 102 days to sell.

WOW, what a jump!  This is a good sign of the times.  I know that many of you have had the burning question… HOW IS THE MARKET?  Well there is your answer.  You now have an average sale to go off of.  YES we are still doing well and the mountain Real Estate is still rising.

If you are interested in seeing other statistics, let me know, send me an email and I would love to blog about it!  Happy selling/buying, see you around the mountain!


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